Film Screenings

The Festival strives to showcase the best of African films and some selected foreign films submitted each year to festival attendants and create a platform for independent filmmakers to show their skills to potential investors and collaborators.  It targets films with rich cultural diversity themes and well told stories.

Beginning/Master Classes

There will be classes for both filmmakers that are beginners and master class for industry delegates. The beginners class  will some selected talents empowered to make films and tell good stories through a collaborative efforts of the festival, the promoters, Okike Media and partners.


One of the core essences of the festival is to show the entire world the tourist potentials of coal city and all other states that surround it. Hence, during the programme, selected delegates will be taking on a tour session to visit some key tourist potentials of the host community and also pay visits to the leaders of the community hosting the festival.


Coal City Film Festival offers and opportunity for filmmakers from across Africa and beyond to network and share production ideas, thereby forging partnerships beyond the festival. The festival hopes to become the biggest platform for African art community to gather annually to network and share common values.


The festival will offer awards in the following categories:  Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Student/Experimental Film, Best Animation Film, Overall Best Director, Overall Best Actor, Overall Best Actress, Overall Best Supporting Actor, Overall Best Supporting Actress, Nigeria Best Film

Party after Party 

It is going to be a good time to party in the city that is otherwise called 042, a city that boosts of everything that makes party worthwhile. There will be fun as we are going to party after party.